Spectrum next joystick

Spectrum next joystick

The second Kickstarter is now running. Click here to order your ZX Spectrum Next. Following several years of development, The ZX Spectrum Next Accelerated — a reimagining of the popular s computer — has finally arrived.

The keyboard is a thing of beauty. The keys are responsive, although the layout is a bit weird after years of muscle memory bonded to PC. And the original Expansion port provides compatibility with classic hardware. The NMI button opens a menu that enables you to flick between turbo modes: 3. You can also enter POKE files, browse memory banks, and adjust various sound, graphical, and memory settings.

Some period games become wonderfully playable when cranked up to 28MHz: Sentinel, originally an achingly slow trudge, becomes a fast-paced and tense 3D puzzler. A separate Anti-Brick core protect users from breaking the machine when messing around with cores, and can be used at any time to switch back to its original state. Alongside this sits a Raspberry Pi Zero, which enables you to load digital.

From a design and build quality perspective, ZX Spectrum Next has achieved all we wanted from a new Spectrum. Bravo, SpecNext, bravo! The ZX Spectrum Next is a lovely piece of kit. Well-designed and well-built: authentic to the original, and with technology that nods to the past while remaining functional and relevant in the modern age.

The Weather Station made from spoons. David Crookes checks the forecast. Rosie Hattersley asks, why? This Raspberry Pi expansion board adds a range of features and professional sensor support. The best IoT internet of things projects to try out with a Raspberry Pi computer. Petoi Bittle robot dog has bite. Palm-sized Raspberry Pi robot pet prances and performs tricks, reports Rosie Hattersley. See more articles.Contact us.

This site is very much work in progress and I will try to update the blog with news and new submissions. Slide title Write your caption here. Spectrum Next Games. Rusty Goes Digital! Rusty Pixels have announced that digital copies of Baggers in SpaceTyvarian and Warhawk are now available to buy in their shop. There are also a limited number of physical copies available, and these will be replenished so don't worry if you missed out.

Head on over to the Rusty Pixels shop and get yourself some Rusty goodness! Magnetic Scrolls Compilation. The Magnetic Scrolls Compilation looks to give owners the ability to create their very own physical release for these great games. As well as tieing all of these games together into a single package. You can find out more here. Next Shift Is Available! The day has finally arrived and you can now download and play Next Shift. Control two Henrique's as if one wasn't bad enough Donk Development - Part 1.

Unfortunately, after a few months the publisher went into liquidation and we went our separate ways. I spoke to the others at various times, and this being a small industry bumped into them at other companies from time to time.

Fast forward many years and the Next was being created, Craig and myself thought it would be great to bring a project like Donk onto it.

We started discussing it about a year before the Next was released. Initial Work The main problem when we first started talking about converting Donk was the Amiga source code had been lost many years ago along with tools etc. First job was to decode all the data from the release version.

spectrum next joystick

Tile sets and Maps Having the data in uncompressed format, while certainly makes life a bit easier, is only half the battle. The Amiga stores its data in bit-plane format so I wrote a C tool that allowed me to pull data apart and convert it back to a PC style byte s per pixel bitmap image, this worked well and a grayscale tile set appeared. Breaking news, Grelox Contagion is now available for pre-order!

Head on over here to reserve your copy! Mystery City. Take a look here. Las Aventuras de Rudolphine Rur Update. You'll need it in this work of interactive fiction! Take a look at it here. Four new games added! Things are moving quickly and I'm barely keeping up. Thank you to those who get in touch about new titles, or indeed just titles that I have missed. Bikers Continued. Thanks to Cavern Games for reaching out. Development on Bikers has been slightly slower than expected but the end is in sight.

They sent over the game artwork and a new screenshot for your enjoyment! Magnetic Scrolls is upon us!Having received my ZX Spectrum Next board yay! Currently the board firmware only supports PI USB keyboard and mouse devices but further down the road its inevitable that there will be a lot more support for a wide array of devices!

On top of these I will also have the 2 buttons M1 and Drive mounted on the front of the old drive bay for easy access. On the Next board the joystick ports are mounted on the front. So, for this I will create a pair of small extension cables to route these sockets from the front to the side where they belong on this machine!

To keep it as neat as possible I decided to Dremel out a large rectangular section on the left-side at the back and create a 3D printed back panel to cover the gaps in the Next connector sockets to keep it looking as tidy as possible. The back of the case needs cutting out using something like a dremel and then filing down to create a mm x 20mm space. I 3D printed some plastic spacers 6mm tallthe 3D model file is included in the download below called "screw-block", I made 6 of them and glued them to the case where the screw holes lined up on the PCB.

Once the glue was set the PCB could be mounted. I soldered each connection on to a small piece of PCB strip board which will be used later on:. The 5-way keyboard connector on the Next board is already in a suitable position for the Amstrad keyboard membrane, however, the 8-way connector on the right-side needs extending and bringing over to the left-side in order for the keyboard to be connected up.

I simply soldered some ribbon cable under the PCB and took it all the way over to the left and glued it down see the image above. Simply solder the ribbon cable to the existing connector pins:. The reset button needs a little modification to get working. I soldered a pair of right-angled header pins to the reset button pins on the underside of the PCB.

Once the glue was set I added the Yellow push button and connected it to the angled header pins:. There is no room to connect a USB cable via the sockets. These two buttons can be added to the 3D printed drive bay, they should slot perfectly into the holes in the bay. Once added, a separate 3D printed cover drive-plate-top. There are 2 screw holes in this that will align with the main drive bay that will secure this in place.

I only did this for one of the SD card connectors due to the Next firmware only supporting one SD card at this time. The pinouts for the Next daughter board connector is available on the Spectrum Next Forum. I've included the pinouts here for reference:.

With the SD card sockets inserted into the 3D printed drive bay there is another, separate 3D printed cover drive-plate-top Again there are 2 screw holes in this that will align with the main drive bay. This is simply pushed in to the space in the 3D printed drive bay and glued in place. After fitting it all together which involved a lot of glue, here is what the machine looks like inside:.

With the machine put back together it is guaranteed to get much more use now that it has the Spectrum Next inside it! About the author: Dan Birch is a 3D design and printing experimentalist. I'm also an experienced Web developer, games developer, retro gaming enthusiast and occasional hardware hacker.

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ZX Spectrum Next in a Spectrum +3 Case

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spectrum next joystick

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ZX Spectrum Next Accelerated review

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spectrum next joystick

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