I hate my lazy susan

I hate my lazy susan

Last week I showed you the new cabinets. We love LOVE them and are so thrilled with how nice they turned out. As with any custom job though, there have been a few hiccups here and there. One of the biggest hiccups that brought the renovation to a halt was the Lazy Susan situation. We have a Lazy Susan cabinet tucked in the corner behind the left pull-out spice drawer. After the cabinets were installed I took a look at my new Lazy Susan provided by the cabinet maker:.

It was a big womp-womp moment. It seemed logical that if you are paying for a custom upgraded kitchen you would receive a top-of-the-line built-in product as well. The main issue with this Lazy Susan is the fact that the plastic shelves are cheap and not sturdy.

We could tell right away that any weight on the shelves would result in a Lazy Susan that was not functional. When pushed on at all the shelves would bow and the bottom one would hit the frame of the cabinet. Ben suggested it could just be our tupperware cabinet.

I suggested we swap it out for a big sturdy one so I could actually USE the cabinet. The problem with swapping it out later is that the actual shelves were too tall to fit through the opening of the cabinet, so to swap it out for a new one we had to install from the top of the cabinet BEFORE the counters went in.

There was a hole just big enough on top to remove the old shelves and insert the new ones. However, it would involve assembling the new Lazy Susan inside the cabinet after all the pieces were inserted into the cabinet.

After a lot of research we decided to go with our new favorite organizing brand, Rev-A-Shelf.

i hate my lazy susan

The easiest places to purchase Rev-A-Shelf products are from their website the most expensive optionAmazon or your local hardware store. I disassembled the old one from inside the cabinet and pulled it out the opening in the top of the cabinet then inserted the two new shelves into the cabinet and started assembling.

It was actually a fairly quick project, though the directions that came with the new Lazy Susan left much to the imagination. We now have a sturdy Lazy Susan that should stand the test of time.

We are planning on having these cabinets and countertops indefinitely, so this new Susan better last for the next 50 years! Here it is haphazardly loaded up with pots, pans, and cast iron — probably the three heaviest kitchen-related products I could have loaded it up with.

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I guess my suggestion would be, if you are doing a renovation and unexpected things come up, decide if it can wait or if it has to be done right. The Lazy Susan had to be done right.

The Lazy Susan was a now-or-never scenario though. We are using that buffer for items that are imperative that we handle now. I have been whining to my hubby about our cheap plastic lazy susan for years now. Our IS the tupperware holder. Such a waste of space. I told him to just remove it and put some shelves in there. I really dislike the plastic one too. We have the plastic one and it seems to do just fine with our glass casseroles and small appliances, but I do like the look of the chrome.

We did our kitchen with Ikea cabinets last spring, and my corner cabinet lazy susans one on the bottom, one in the top corner cab are fantastic. The top one is glass and holds all my honeys, vinegars, things in glass jars.Corner kitchen cabinets are the loneliest, darkest, and most remote space in your kitchen. It's not where you find the much-used, much-appreciated coffee cups or China. Rather, it's where you find castaway items from decades ago. It's the dreaded blind cabinet corner.

It's found in both kitchens or bathrooms—anywhere with cabinets—but mostly in kitchens because that's where you'll find cabinets that meet at corners. Kitchen cabinet cornerswhether we're talking about bases lower or walls upperare deep, dark, and inaccessible.

It's what happens when simple geometry meets up with most homes' scarcity of space. The etymology is simple: it's called a blind corner because, when reaching into it, you reach blindly:.

Pictured is one way to solve the problem of blind kitchen corner cabinets. Instead of trying to use the corner as a storage area—which entails daily usage and continual reaching far back in the cabinet for items—you eliminate the idea of a cabinet. Installing a wall oven in the corner is an inspired idea because all of that hard-to-access dark corner area is occupied by the oven's electrical parts. Sabine Schoenberg, a successful kitchen designer and author of Kitchen Magic: Secrets to Successful Kitchenssays that "[c]orners in base cabinets are always tricky.

i hate my lazy susan

Circular Lazy Susans used to be the only option. Blind corner pullouts are available from most major kitchen cabinet manufacturers at the time of installation. Alternatively, if you already have cabinets in place, companies like Rev-a-Shelf offer remodel solutions. Cabinet manufacturer Merillat devised a base cabinet swing-out that solves many problems. The two drawers on the right: they don't reside there. They slid over from the right-hand side, from deep in the corner.

Many lazy susans don't work. Most tellingly of their failure: round pegs don't fit into square holes. A lazy susan is the round peg that fits into the square hole only by shrinking it down so far. What about all of that wasted corner space?

Merillat put its collective cabinet-designing brainpower to the task with its two-tier lazy susan for bases. It does two things:. It's the one you've been waiting for, the friend of blind corners since Day One: the lazy susan. This type works a bit better than the old-school kind because it's essentially a big circle—bigger than the base cabinet itself.

But it has a degree "pizza slice" cut out of it, to make it fit into the cabinet corner. Obvious to some people but not obvious to others is the corner wall cabinet.

It is a staple of good kitchen remodeling practice, and it goes a long ways toward solving blind corner problems. You can still couple these types of cabinets with a classic, round lazy susan to increase access. But one notable pitfall of these cabinets is that their doors are smaller than the interior space.

This is a bit of a funky way to deal with blind corners: stagger, or alternate, the cabinets as they go up the wall.


You're not buying yourself much more storage space this way. But it looks better than many other options. Leave it that way. Or add angled drawers under the diagonal wall cabinet. You'll note some wasted space to the left and right of the angled drawers, dead zones built into the drawer to create degree angles with the adjoining counters.I had my kitchen remodeled about years ago - the contractor suggested no lazy susan for the corner cupboard - instead there's a shelf.

I still hate it. I have all my pots and pans and plastic ware in it and it holds a lot. But it's hard to get to stuff in the back plus it's always a mess. This is true. I can't reach the back of it now so I guess shelving would be difficult. If it had higher sides it would be ok I think. I guess I should revisit what I put on it. My daughters cups and dishes are on it now so she can reach them but they are always in the back on the bottom of the cabinet anyway!

I also hated my corner lazy susan cabinet. I redid my kitchen about 5 years ago and I found a corner cabinet that has 3 draws. It holds so much and you don't lose anything. I have a custom built kitchen. I have two corner cabinets each with a two tiered lazy susan.

There was no other option for adequate use of that space, and I was big on using every inch of space in my tiny kitchen. Its been three years and I have experienced no problem with items falling off. In fact, each have a little extra space in the side corners that I fit not often used items. Now my upper corner cabinets are my problem. I have to get on a stool to locate items stored to the sides of each of those.

I'm looking for an insert for those. I have one in my corner cabinet above my kitchen sink and love it. Nothing ever falls off of it, it has a small lip all around each shelf so things don't fall off.

I don't need a stool to reach mine. I would hate a stationary shelf because then I wouldn't be able to reach the stuff in the back or on top, that would be wasted space. I can get the stuff now because it turns and everything is right in front of me.I just replaced all my kitchen cabinets and replaced it with a lazy susan. What type of things is the lazy susan meant for? Mine is in the corner between the in-counter stove and the wall ovens so I keep items like cooking oil in there for easy access.

It can also apply to a corner base cabinet in a kitchen set up which is also called "easy reach". I would rather call it "smart susan" than lazy susan!!! I think this question is so funny! I took out the lazy susans that were in my kitchen and made them bigger cabinet spaces!

I hate how the lazy susans wear out and the space they take up! But they are made for easy acess to anything that you want to put on them, canned foods and spices etc etc. Varieties of canned goods. You can have one level for vegetables, one for soups and sauces, one for miscellaneous stuff, or whatever.

The lazy susan keeps you from having to reach all the way into the back of a cabinet for a small relatively can of something. It also allows you to have lots of cans with the label out, so you immediately know what it is.

Answer Save. Paul in San Diego Lv 7. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Kimmy Lv 5. We actually have 2: one has our cereals, peanut butters, granola bars, etc. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.Corner cabinets are known for being inaccessible and hard to reach areas of the kitchen.

Many times appliances and items of cookware are hidden away and out of reach when put into a corner cabinet. Wellborn Cabinet offers a wide variety of corner storage cabinet solutions for your home. Corner cabinets are commonly used to store cookware and baking dishes, but can also be used as decorative spaces with glass cabinet door inserts. For more inspiration, on how to create organized space in your kitchen browse our kitchen accessories gallery.

Corner Drawers Making use of a corner cabinet begins with using corner drawers. Wellborn Cabinet's corner drawer base allows for up to four drawers to be installed into the corner cabinet. Available in Premier Series and Estate Series cabinets, corner drawers offer endless possibilities for creating storage of large pots or individual dry goods Blind Corner Cabinet Organizer Corner cabinets with blind storage can force items to be out of reach.

Have these items within reach with a functional shelf, bringing the contents on a blind corner cabinet within everyday reach.

i hate my lazy susan

While a functional shelf may limit the amount of available cabinet space, it increases the functionality of a blind corner. Corner Drawer Base. Diagonal Corner Wall. Base Blind Corner with Functional Shelves.

I hate my corner cabinet lazy susan thing...

Glass Type: Clear Seedy. Base Lazy Susan. Diagonal Corner Wall with Functional Shelves. Corner Sink Base with Functional Shelves. Tall Corner. Our cabinets are available in a variety of style and stained and painted finishes, which are perfect for any home design. Gather inspiration for your next design by viewing our kitchen cabinet design gallery. Ready to speak to a Wellborn Cabinet dealer? Find a dealer in your local area! Box Hwy 77 S. Ashland, AL Website selection may not be exactly what is available.

Wellborn reserves the right to make revisions without notice to product specifications. Please contact your Wellborn Dealer for Availability. Back to top.Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community.

Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Please enter a question. Perfect for sorting recyclables. Designed for a standard 36" base corner cabinet. Includes three 32 quart white plastic bins which are easily removed and cleaned. Installs with only eight screws which are included.

Whisper quiet bearing mechanism. Positive return centering device. Includes 6 color coded labels for marking bins. Skip to main content. In Stock. Add to Cart. Secure transaction. Your transaction is secure. We work hard to protect your security and privacy.

Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. Learn more. Ships from and sold by Woodworkers Hardware. Other Sellers on Amazon. Sold by: Kitchen Inventions. Sold by: Custom Service Hardware. Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon. Image Unavailable Image not available for Color:. Rotary Recycling Center-White.Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Lazy Susans store.

These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly. Skip to main content Best Rated in Lazy Susans.

Best Rated by Department. Current Department. Home Cabinet Organizers. Lazy Susans. All Departments. Musical Instruments.

Office Products. Pet Supplies. Video Games. Top rated products in Lazy Susans. By mDesign. Received them quickly and in good condition. I bought one set of these and used them to organize my spices. I really love how much easier it is for me to find what I need now and how it opened up more space in my cabinets.

No more clutter looking cabinets! I even bought one more set for me an one for my daughter. She hasn't received hers yet but I'm sure she'll like them. I also bought the two tierd one for my pantry which I put canned soup and vegetable cans and it worked so well I also ordered another one.

You can use them for just about anything. I'm thinking of getting more for my fridge. My husband is so jealous, I'm sure he's thinking of getting some for himself. The product is well made. I bought all of them clear to make it easier for me to grab what I need. By Bertie Pena. Helped me with organization and peace Love the ease of use and immediate access of my salt, pepper, olive oil, and most used spices while I am cooking.

Makes a small footprint on the counter very efficient. I found the heavy olive oil bottle in the center helps the lazy susan spin better. I loved it so much i bought another.

The Lazy Susan Situation

It functions well in my cabinet as storage for many essential oils, now i can see all the kinds i have at a glance as i spin it. I Love this thing. Use it constantly without taking it out of the cabinet. Read more. By Mom at home. Wanted if for OTC medications. Tried it with 6 bottles of various sizes less than max capacity.

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